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Exhibition Review : Come out to live – come in to play

The exhibit featured in the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture features posters that were actually shown to promote the use of the London Transport System , particularly the London Underground . The posters were used back then to promote living in the suburbs of London and to use the railway system to connect to city life . In simpler terms the posters served as a means of encouraging the people of London to move to the suburbs because through the Underground , they are still able [banner_entry_middle]

br to gain access to the city . They do not miss out on anything at all

Viewing the exhibit allows people to understand the historical and cultural value of the London Underground . The exhibit allows people to compare the importance of the Underground today to its value to the people of London back when it was first constructed and run . Moreover the posters that the exhibit showcases provide a look into the culture that prevailed in the London society during the 1920s and the 1930s More importantly , the posters serve as a glimpse in to the art of the said time period . The posters are some of the best in poster design of the 1900s and are rightly to be showcased and highlighted

In terms of the design of the posters , one sees the onset of modernism in them . The graphic designers of the said years were able to clearly depict the life of the society of their period and in certain cases , a preview of what lies ahead . The posters are indeed icons . They are icons of the said period in both a cultural and historical context

Having viewed the exhibit , I noticed that the lighting highlighted the colours of the posters . Although the colours of the posters are not as vibrant as the colours in today ‘s posters , the proper lighting was able to enhance the effect of the colours . Moreover , I believe that there were a sufficient number of posters in the exhibit for the viewers to truly appreciate the wonder of the theme of the exhibit . Furthermore the posters were properly spaced in such a way that several people can view one poster at a time . Also , the spacing ensured that each poster was given proper attention . I liked the choice of posters for not only do they depict the culture of the 1920s , all the posters are pieces that introduce modern art

I personally view the visit not just as an art trip but more of a historical trip . I became more interested in knowing the beginnings of London ‘s suburbs and how the importance of the London Underground came about . Through the posters , I was able to understand better the culture in London and why it seems as if more people are drawn to the suburbs

Visiting the exhibit was an enjoyable experience for me . I was able to immerse myself in the culture of London , particularly in suburbs . I was able… [banner_entry_footer]


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