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An Advertisement : A few observations 7184

The text of the two s ,if considered together as a single piece compels us to stamp it as an ADVERTISEMENT ‘ of a marketable commodity Advertisement ,itself , is a creative genre in these postmodern days of thinking and creativity . At best , the first piece may be taken to be a literal of the artifact while the following one is a sort of analysis where the pros and cons of its influence on the society or on the future times have been dealt with , to some extent . However , this [banner_entry_middle]

br genre of advertisement is of utmost importance in today ‘s consumerist world

If the given pieces are to be marked as anything of immediate concern , the popular tags that come along immediately are as pornographic advert ‘ or advert with sexual overtones ‘ Such terms are quite befitting as we find the women who are running from different topographical extremes have svelte , well-maintained physique with attractive sexual appeals and the man on the beach stands armed with AXE perfume to attract more such women by spraying more of the heart-smashing fragrance ! If sexual excesses are not used deliberately then why has such slogan been floated in the air : Spray more , Get more ! Is it not somewhat pornographic , tickling the horny men more with the open bait of winning quite an armful of femme fatale at one sprinkle of AXE ! Why again a horde of belles are needed with immense sexual charms if no sexual implications are aimed at ? When a condom or a bra or a lingerie is advertised , for example , on Amazon .com are we not driven to feel horny on seeing the beautiful damsel covering her buxom breasts with a nicely-embroidered bra or displaying the beauty of her slim thighs on putting a hip- hugging lingerie ? Hence ,the advert too can easily be porn , soft or hard , that being a separate issue . Thus if categorically the artifact is to be judged , then it is a piece of advertisement in the first place and then it is pornographic i .e . an advert with sexual overtones

But , in my view whatever nomenclature may be piled on the term advertisement , it is a creative way of presenting an object or a commodity or whatever ! So I would like to call it innovative or creative advertisement . If we move a step further we will be able to see that innovative or creative adverts apply all sorts of business tricks to catch the consumer young . That is to say , there is no humming or hawing even if a salacious picture or video clipping is used in to make a commodity attractive to the target audience . It may appear denigrating in the eye of a few thoughtful , conservative people , but to hit the bull ‘s eye [of consumerism] it is a weapon , a necessity , the need of the hour

It is not applicable only in the case of consumers ‘ items , but , in case of emotional intents and purposes too . The novelist… [banner_entry_footer]


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