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Evaluation of Nursing websites

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In this , we evaluate a set of three medical related websites namely HYPERLINK “http /www .nln .org ” www .nln .org for the National league of Nursing , HYPERLINK “http /www .nursingworld .org www .nursingworld .org for the American Nursing Association , HYPERLINK “http /www .ama-assn .org ” www .ama-assn .org for the American Medical Association and the HYPERLINK “https /www .ncsbn .org https /www .ncsbn .org / for the National Council for State boards in Nursing . We also evaluate an Archives resource site namely HYPERLINK “http /thomas .loc .gov ” http /thomas .loc .gov or the Thomas , the [banner_entry_middle]

website of the Library of Congress of the United States of America

Prior to presenting the evaluation we briefly describe each website : the purpose of these sites and their current set-up . We then go into the evaluation proper where we analyze the overall content , style and functionality of each site . In the overall content of the websites the quality of the information being presented and the comprehensiveness of the information is assessed . Moreover , how current the information located in the websites and where they were derived or from what authority this information was derived is also assessed . Lastly , in evaluating the style and functionality of the sites we take into consideration the layout or the manner content is presented within the sites , ease in navigating the sites , its compatibility with respect to various browsers , information space with respect to advertising pages and the speed upon which it is accessed through the internet

The first of the sites to be evaluated is HYPERLINK “http /www .nursingworld .org ” www .nursingworld .org , the official website of the American Nursing Association (ANA . Briefly , `ANA is the only full-service professional organization representing the nation ‘s 2 .9 million registered nurses (RNs (About the American Nurses association , http /www .nursingworld .org /about ‘ that advances nursing through imbibing high standards , promoting the economic welfare in their workplace and by proactively lobbying governmental agencies on issues affecting them

For the overall content , the website contains comprehensive and relevant information supportive of the purpose of ANA mentioned previously . The site has sections on information and services , newsroom and nursing issues /programs that sustain continuous support for promoting high standards in the nursing practice . It also has a section for showing their advocacies and initiatives for nurses ‘ general welfare , with sub-sections directing users to view publications relevant to nurses in the United States . As for the currency of the documents , the documents are up to date with uploaded documents as latest as January 11 , 2007 (`Press releases from the American Nurses Association , HYPERLINK “http /www .nursingworld .org /pressrel http /www .nursingworld .org /pressrel . As for the authority of the documents published , the documents that are published have their corresponding sources accompanying them . All these information are presented in a notably clear and concise fashion

For the style and functionality of the website , the overall layout is easily understandable . The site can be easily navigated and the information is clearly sorted out for easy access , even though… [banner_entry_footer]


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