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Evaluation Argumentative Essay!: College football `Bowl Games` against NFL`s `Playoff`s.`

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Evaluation of a Playoff System for Bowl Games


Bowl games are designed as the culminating event between colleges that topped in their division during the regular college football season Begun in 1902 , the first bowl game between Michigan and Stanford was concocted to arouse interest in the Tournament of the Roses and to generate greater tourist interest and , subsequently , more income . With Stanford ‘s defeat , the tournament was put on hold and was resumed in 1916 , but it was not until 1923 that its was held at the newly-built stadium [banner_entry_middle]

called the Rose Bowl , thus the contest was called the Rose Bowl game . Subsequent bowl games organized took the Bowl ‘ moniker as a testament to the success of the Rose Bowl games ( College bowl games Source :BSC Conference at Wikipedia from http /upload .wikimedia .org /wikipedia /en /5 /53 /BCS_Map .PNG

There are many bowl games formed since then . Some are one-shot deals others considered toilet ‘ bowls , denoting less than successful plays by participating colleges , notably the 1983 bout between Michigan and Michigan State and the 1987 match-up between Kansas and Kansas State ( Bowl game ) Currently there are four major bowl games that host the Bowl Championship Series in turns : the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California the Orange Bowl in Miami , Florida the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans and the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona . The games are normally played from mid-December until mid January . These are the Bowl Championship Series (BCS ) bowls , while 27 other bowl games are considered non-BCS bowls ( Bowl game Bowl Championship Series

This will evaluate the possible application of the play-off system on college bowl games and the impact on non-BSC bowl games

NFL Playoffs system for Bowl Games

The National Football League (NFL ) play-off is the elimination round of currently the 6 top teams from the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference . Each conference produce four division champions seeded 1 to 4 , and two wildcard qualifiers , seeded 5 and 6 The teams play within their divisions to determine the Division Playoff winners who will then compete against their opposite number in the Super Bowl (NFL Playoffs

The BCS was formalized in 1998 when it replaced the Bowl Alliance as the ultimate face-off in the bowl games . Two teams are selected from the top teams from the NCAA Division I-A bowl game conferences , which are the Atlantic Coast Conference , Big 12 Conference , Big East Conference Big Ten Conference , Pacific Ten Conference and the Southeastern Conference . Colleges which are not part of these conferences and independent schools are not barred from the selection process but the chances of being selected for the coveted two slots were small because of the system of ranking employed in bowl games for the National Championship game ( BCS conference

There is an ongoing debate regarding the system of ranking in bowl games , which will eventually determine which two teams will play in the National Championship game . There are claims that the system , based on coach polls , computer-constructed polls… [banner_entry_footer]


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