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european women history

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European Women ‘s History

The role of women in society has greatly evolved . Prior to the emergence of today ‘s modern world , women were restricted and confined by the norms and dictates of society . Gender inequality greatly prevailed especially during the early societies . There was little room for progress for women . More often than not , women were prohibited from pursuing careers . Such personal growth was attributed solely to men

However , with the evolution of the society came the change in perception of the role of women . It can be said the change [banner_entry_middle]

in society ‘s perception with regards to the role of women was initiated by the querelle des femmes , or the debate over women . Such debate began in the 14th century and lasted until the 18th century

During the said period , various questions were raised with regards to how women should be viewed or treated in society . The status of women in society became the center of the debate . Questions regarding the rights of women as well as their capabilities were likewise raised . Misogyny was likewise an important issue that continuously raged on in the debate

Primarily , the basic question that emerged was regarding the capability of women for rational thought . Men and women argued on whether women are rational beings who could determine what is logical and rational . In other words , such question dealt with whether women have the ability to make decisions on their own

From such debate emerged the changes in society ‘s perception over the role and status of women . Various assumptions were developed and were brought about the long debates and arguments . Among the most vital assumptions that were developed was one that concluded that women were indeed rational beings . Women were capable of rational thought and thereby had the inherent ability to make decisions for themselves

To supplement such nature of women , education for women was encouraged Many philosophers argued that educating women was vital in to establish their place in society

However , it is not only with the querelle des femmes that questions over the role and status of women were argued upon . Such questions were continuously discussed even with the emergence of the enlightenment period . In both cases though , gender equality was the main point of debate

Another assumption that emerged from such debates dealt with the fact that the role of women is society is a product not just of misogyny of men but with the education of women . Before the said period , women were educated in such a way that they would become submissive to men . Such mindset is one of the reasons why women were viewed as inferior beings in society

With the emergence of women in the aforementioned periods , the call for a change in the education of women began to emerge . The15th to 18th centuries saw an abundance of literary works that called for equal education between men and women . As previously mentioned , education was one of the key questions in the debate . Moreover… [banner_entry_footer]


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