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Black And White Marriage

Trials and Tribulations





Can this marriage survive ? These are the trials and tribulations of a young couple in love . However , the groom is black and the bride is white . From the introduction to the nuptials , how they deal with their families is quite amazing . This shows the flow of progress throughout

Black and White Marriages

Trials and tribulations

Barbara Stanton has been my friends for fifteen years . You might say that she is my best friend . We ‘ve [banner_entry_middle]

dated and double-dated , but not once did we ever date outside our own race . About a year ago , Barbara came to me announcing that she was getting married to her boyfriend Paul . I hadn ‘t seen her for a while because we both began to grow in different directions and I ‘m ashamed to admit that we didn ‘t even keep in touch to have a deep conversation . Just some hello ‘s and goodbyes

When she called to tell me she was getting married , once again she omitted something that may have seemed inconsequential to her , but quite significant to her family and friends . She was marrying a black man

Maybe it ‘s not so crazy , but in the past few years we ‘ve seen more black and white couples than ever before . Maybe it ‘s because children of today ‘s world don ‘t even see color , or maybe it ‘s because of the rappers and hip hop entertainers that we somehow have as role models Who knows ? All that is certain is that where at one time this was

On a luncheon that we had with a few friends a few weeks before the wedding , the issue of race was brought up . Barbara had all the statistics . She argued that although race has often been contentious in children ‘s literature , from controversies over Twain ‘s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , to Bannerman ‘s Little Black Sambo , to Keats ‘s The Snowy Day , to Herron ‘s Nappy Hair . How race is portrayed and who portrays it have been crucial for many critics ( Sands-O ‘Connor Karen “Why Are People Different

She related to us about some of the history of racism , and we had to admit that it seemed rather ridiculous the way the people of old handled it . In the sixteen hundreds , for example , Maryland banned interracial coupling because it wasn ‘t sure if the offspring of the black slave and white person would be considered a free person or a piece of property

Barbara knew a lot about black history . She told us that many blacks had white ancestry and who are we , the smug whites , as she called us , to not see this . She let us know in no uncertain terms that there were so many white slave `owners ‘ that took advantage of their female slaves that there was an abundance of mixed children born throughout those years . It is estimated that as many as seventy percent of African Americans are descendants… [banner_entry_footer]


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