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The Reluctant Security Guard : Blue Mountain Case Study

Tuff may have saved this job at Blue Mountain if he initiated a public conference in which he apologized for his behavior towards the company (p .318 . If he did this , the public apology would include a direct quote or endorsement of the company ‘s forgiveness of his misdeeds . The apology would suit the company ‘s objective of redirecting the negative press somehow . Tuff ‘s reluctance spoke volumes to Manuel Hernandez , Director of Security , due to company ‘s change of policies (p .319 . His integrity [banner_entry_middle]

outweighed their use of removing drunkards from the parking lot without police assistance . In terms of this , I agree with his behavior because someone ‘s life or family will suffer a loss due to a drunk driver on the road (p .318 . Blue Mountain ‘s policy Section Y , subsection D conflicted with the new policies placed on their security officers (p .318

As a Marine , Tuff should have spoken directly to Hernandez in a calm manner to address his distaste with their new policies . His discussions with the media did present a violation in his licensure manual , but his moral judgment was a more confirmed act that could save many lives (p .319 . The company ‘s dismissal reflected their crude judgment of Tuff ‘s moral character to address a problem that may arise because of their new policies . Hernandez should have listened to Tuff ‘s concerns more attentively than disregarding them . Their approach to his moral distinctiveness confirms their negligence for other ‘s safety (p . 319 In turn , Tuff ‘s public announcement of concern shows that he has a heart and remains true to his Marine honor code

a . Tuff ‘s Engagement with the Media

At the same time , the security guard played a vital role in saving the lives of many on the highways . Morally , Tuff was absolutely right for refuting the new policies to send drunk drivers amongst the roads of innocent travelers in reference to Section Y , subsection D of their manuals (p .318 . The company ‘s disregard for public safety was displayed through their negative reaction to his public address regarding their coercion of the security guards . The company , itself , could have changed the policies if they reflected upon Tuff ‘s complaints in a subjective view . Their dismissal was not a great reflection of the owner ‘s character or regard for public safety in any way (p . 320

I consider Tuff ‘s conversations with the media intentional because he knew the rules of his manual . The dilemma may have created issues if someone were to die on Tuff ‘s shift . What would the company have to say if Tuff secured complaints on (1 ) Tuff could have sued the company for not addressing the issues he placed before them (2 ) A family would have stated their distaste for company ‘s procedures as well

Although this is a morbid example , the death of a passenger may have saved Tuff ‘s position and re-arranged the… [banner_entry_footer]


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