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Ethics in Health Care

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Ethics in Health Care


Health care is mainly concerned with the promoting of life and welfare of an individual or a group of person mainly the patient . Because of these principles , health care focuses on the idealism of life and its promoting . Since it concerns a human , personal rights and advocacy are strongly in effect and should be consider in health care process thus raising many ethical issues and dilemmas to be addressed with

Health care has man ethical issue because some of which contradict or seriously argue that principles [banner_entry_middle]

that are enticed with this subject Thus , human values and strong consideration with the right of the patient should be emphasized whenever faced with the ethical dilemmas in health care

Concerning this matter , this will present two issues that have specific points regarding the ethicality in health care . In addition this will evaluate these issues to come up with an ethical perspective regarding the problem concerned to have a general view of the matter

Issue 1

Some of the health care scenarios , especially the ones that involve dementing illnesses , are strongly related to the ethical perspective of the patient ‘s right regarding his or her health care . Whether to dominate the patient ‘s autonomous right with the physician ‘s judgment or paternalism is always an ethical issue in health care . In judging the logicality in this scenario , the competence and mental capacity of the patient should be greatly analyzed

A human being is always deemed to be competent for his or her personal decision provided that he or she is with complete mental function and well-informed of the matter . This principle must always be respected in every aspect during the process of health care because it is the right of the patient to make his personal , well-informed decision regarding his treatment

However , as entailed in the principle mentioned earlier , cases that involved dementing capacity renders this idea inappropriate because even though the patient is well informed , he or she is unable to make the best judgment for his or her best interest . The patient is hindered and influenced by his or her condition thus , paternalism must be given to the person with the proper competence regarding the judgment . Thus , the physician ‘s decision must be over the patient ‘s right provided that it is in accordance to the patient ‘s welfare and his best interest

Issue 2

Based from the principles entailed in the code of ethics of health care personnels , the patient has the rights to confidentiality and privacy regarding his or her personal information during his or her health care process . The relationship between the physician and the patient is based on trust and because of this , the right of the patient with confidentiality and privacy should always be respected

However , an ethical concern is raised regarding this issue when a need for information disclosure is needed . Some scenarios post a need to expose the information due to its relevance such as a case… [banner_entry_footer]


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