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Ethics In A Medical Environment

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Ethics In A Medical Environment People involved in the caring of the sick and dying have a tradition of concern about moral issues and the application of ethics to the decision-making process . This tradition is due , in part , to the tenets of the Hippocratic oath . Most people die in acceptable degrees of comfort but for some , dying is a most distressing experience . The things that can make dying so distressing include physical pain , mental distress , and the knowledge that the suffering is pointless in the sense that it has to be borne [banner_entry_middle]

without hope of subsequent improvement in health or relief in suffering

Good palliative care can manage pain and other physical problems although sometimes at a high cost from the patient ‘s point of view , and loving care can usually keep existential problems within a tolerable range . But even the best palliative and supportive care cannot always make life tolerable and at the end of their lives , some people simply want to bring their useless suffering to a close

Everyone involved in the delivery of health care or the medical environment is directly or indirectly involved in the business of health care . All staff members can provide customer service , marketing , public relations , and education . Filling out charge slips , keeping departmental service statistics , as well as providing direct care (the product sold are business aspects of revenue-generating departments . Health care managers have a responsibility to meet needs of clients , staff and the organization . Because the needs of those served may be in conflict there is potential for the manager to experience conflicts of values . A conflict occurs whenever the manager cannot fulfill equally their duty toward all those to whom they have a responsibility . When values conflict , which choice of action should be taken ? Should the manager advocate for the needs of the client ? Give priority to the staff members needs ? Give up something for the department to help the organization serve clients another way ? These are questions with moral implications Solutions to moral questions require organized introspection (Etzioni 1988 : 166-180

Resource to Aid in Making Ethically Correct Choices

There are several resources to help develop an ethics-based decision-making process for use when values or moral choices are in conflict . Taking personal initiative in solving a moral problem is the option available to everyone . However , the ability to apply formal ethical principles to moral questions is variable . This may be an unsatisfactory option for medical people because so few have had formal ethics courses as part of their academic preparation (Purtilo , 1978 14-16 . Without supplemental ethics information , decisions are made on the basis of what feels right

Personal , professional and organizational ethics have a common set of principles . However , the hierarchy or ranking of these principles can differ in each situation because of value weighting differences (Rokeach , 1972 : 3 , 7-11

Four Ethical Principles

Ethical principles are needed so consistency can be maintained in the actions chosen regarding a specific group of related issues . Four basic principles for guiding choices in… [banner_entry_footer]


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