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p Question , Answer these questions and each answer must be a page

1 . Many people think that World War II was morally justified . What does the antiwar pacifist say ? What do you think

2 . The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused the death over 200 ,000 noncombatants . Was this an act of terrorism ? If so , was it morally wrong ? Explain your answers

People have tried to justify the World War II . There was increasing tension in Europe prevailing at that period due to the aggressive policies of Hitler and others [banner_entry_middle]

. He had created insecurity in the region Powerful countries at that time like Britain , France and Soviet Union had to protect the weaker countries in to prevent invasion by Hitler . Besides , America was unnecessarily dragged into the war due to the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces . Many people feel that the war had in fact been held to establish peace and reduce conflict (by people with inhuman ideas . However , I feel that civilian casualties on both sides could have been reduced if the war was better planned and attacks were targeted only on military areas

A pacifist would really be against the World War II . He would have felt that under no situation should war and associated attacks be justified There was no need of such extreme measures against Germany and Japan , as they were already being weakened through the consequences of war

I have taken a more intermediary belief of World War II . I feel that war was inevitable at that time due to the rising tensions and insecure situations . However , I feel that both sides could have reduced civilian casualties by not targeting human population of the opposite sides . If this policy was being adopted , then World War II would have less damaging for innocent people . Another point that I would like to make is , if the war had not taken palce , the tensions in Europe (existing at that time ) would have been prevailing until now . A world war at this period (1990 ‘s and beyond ) would have had far more disastrous effects compared to that in the 1930 ‘s and 1940 ‘s . It is better if we take World War II as a positive lesson and prevent any such conflicts that would result in combat in the future . Leaders and nations have a lot to learn from World War II . They should work to prevent conflict situations with their neighbors that would be similar to that of World War II

In August , 1945 , two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were being attacked with nuclear weapons . The US launched this operation against the Japanese Empire , a part of the Axis Powers Alliance . It was difficult to measure the fatalities and after effects of the bombing However , it was found that more than 200 ,000 people in both cities died from the attack or related events . Many people have said that there was no moral and ethical justification of such as attack… [banner_entry_footer]


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