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What was the ethical dilemma

The ethical dilemma in this situation is who to employ as an analyst whether it is the person who really needs the job because of some deep financial needs and family concerns but is barely able to do the job right , or the employ the person that could do an outstanding job , yet as personal issues like having and outgoing lifestyle , or has no real concerns in life at all . This dilemma is about what is morally correct and about what could have been correct , yet it was [banner_entry_middle]

overshadowed by another concern , like how many mouths does the salary of a person has to feed , or if that person has a sick relative and is in great need of money . Let ‘s take into consideration the case of John Mason , who has a 6-grade salary of 72 ,000 . His work is of acceptable quality , but already has missed some missed quality , his salary would be a bit high . But because he has pressingly large family number and is the only means of support for them , his salary remains at that size

What was the motivator

The motivator in this case was the present salary of the people being scrutinized . This is the main aspect to consider , if their output was worth the pay . This concerns how their works are justified by the amount of their salary . There are some who are paid sufficiently , yet their outputs are not good . There are some who were able to produce good outputs , yet they are lowly paid , or just enough as a common analyst Considering the situation of Jane Boston , who has a consistent excellent performance , and already spent 8 years in the department , she is still a junior analyst and is being paid with a 5-grade salary , as compared to other analysts which are paid with 6-grade salary and but the performance is not that excellent

What was the ethical theory

The ethical theory at hand was about Utilitarianism , a stem of normative ethics , which deals about an action is seen as right if it tends to promote happiness , and is deemed as wrong or negative , if it will lead to the production of the reverse of happiness to the performer and everyone that is affected by it . This includes the people who depends on them for everyday life , their children , their sick relatives anyone who will be directly affected by that action . Instead of doing something for self-interest , example , choosing those who can work and produce high quality outputs , even though they have no other concerns but themselves , they will choose to do what would benefit many people like choosing those who can do mediocre work , but is supporting a number of people in exchange ADDIN EN .CITE Utilita rianism2007January 272006Encyclopaedia Britannicahttp /www .britannica .com /eb /article-9108685 /Utilitarianism “Utilitarianism , 2006

What ethic might have a difference

The opposite of Utilitarianism is egoism , wherein in this view , it is right to pursue self-interest even at the expense… [banner_entry_footer]


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