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Superior or inferior , better or worse ?higher or lower ? questions such as these never arise as long as two things or persons are considered complimentary to each other as are men and women . The two are the basic components of the social set up of which the family is the first , foremost and fundamental unit . A family is made up of a man , a woman and their offspring . Neither the man alone nor the woman may constitute a family . That is why they must enjoy equal rank , status [banner_entry_middle]

and prestige .But , reality sedom matches the ideal in the human world Taking advantage of the innocence and naivette and the loving and trusting nature of woman and his own brutish strength , man reduced the woman to the level of a household commodity , labeled her as the `weaker sex ‘ and assumed the role of ` over all master and king ‘ It is high time to shatter the centuries old myth and to acknowledge the evident fact that WOMAN IS THE STRONGER SEX

The word stronger connotes having more strength . When we compare the strength of two human beings , we have to compare them on different aspects of human strenth , namely- physical , intellectual , emotional and spiritual . Physical strength is mistakenly identified as the brutish strength used in performing violent and inhuman deeds in which menfolk excel . In fact , physical strength denotes endurance and toleration stamina and perseverance , tireless energy and indefatigable nature endowments in which women abound . From the ravages of nature to the pangs of hunger , thirst , aches and pain , women take everything in their stride with smiles on their faces and without any grudge or complaint Men work just an eight hour shift just for five days a week and go bragging no end about their strength , stamina and energy while most housewives have been working for eighteen hours or more per day for seven days a week for centuries without even making least effort to fish for a compliment

Till the 19th century , women were deliberately kept out of the intellecual terrain and were considered quite unfit even to express themselves through their literary outputs . This is why a few of the women who had had the advantage of being brought up in a liberal atmosphere and the encouragement of their family , managed to get their works published , had to adopt a male pseudonym in to escape social ridicule though their writings were later recognized as some of the masterpieces of English literature . How ironical ! Today from science to literature , from medicine to engineering , from business to entertainment industry , from philosophy to politics , from the earth to the space , woman has left her footprints all around to prove her superior caliber in the intellectual field . Today women are omnipresent in all fields of mental activity and everywhere they are acquitting themselves remarkably well . Just a look at the Board and University examination results these days , in all parts of the world establishes the superiority of… [banner_entry_footer]


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