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Willie Loman spent years as a salesman in an effort to support his family . Living each day selling items to people regardless of need or desire caused Willie to loose touch with his own integrity . His life became corrupt and his inner character struggled with reality and delusion . This happened because of his occupation . In other words , in to support his family , he had to make sales . In making sales Willie ‘s integrity lessened and his struggle with this cast him into a delusional state [banner_entry_middle]

of mind where he was unreachable and all of his family and friends were affected by his delusional state

Keeping Promises

According to Bluefield College ‘s Ethics Student Manual , all promises have to do with the future (2006 ) there are things that can happen in the future that will destroy a promise . Making promises is dangerous and when a person does not communicate that a promise cannot be upheld , that person is destroying the trust that has been created when the promise was made . Willie ‘s family struggled with promises . Each individual had opportunities to keep promises and failed . Willie was a primary factor in how the family viewed the integrity of promises . The boys watched how their father repeatedly failed to uphold his own promises , and when the promises failed , the boys watched how Willie delved into an alternate reality of lies and deception . Worse than breaking promises is living under the lies of deceit and delusion and pretending the promises were not broken

Moral Obligations

Moral obligations include doing what you said you would do or being true to your word . The problem Willie had in Death of a Salesman was that he was never true to his word . He changed his own delusional reality to fit his needs and this allowed him to continue to live an ongoing lie . Since Willie was rarely true to his word , his family did not realize the importance in keeping promises and that failing to do so would affect the integrity of the individual


Keeping promises starts with the integrity of an individual . People offer trust and learn if the person making promises is true to his or her word . Death of a Salesman is a great example of how lack of integrity alters and destroys lives . Doing what is promised is a moral obligation , and communicating when it cannot be achieved or if things change although difficult is important to maintain integrity in society


Bluefield College (2006 . Integrity . CST 4430 Ethics – Student Manual Division of Christian Studies



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