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Essay on employment readiness

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Any business enterprise is rendered effective due to a combination of several factors . Some of these are planning , efficient way of conducting the business , sales and marketing , design and effective financial management . Individuals are essential participants in these features and the efficiency of any commercial enterprise cannot be ensured without people . The Acas Model comprises of formal methods for taking care of disciplinary matters , complaints and disagreements . It also describes the ambitions , goals and plans of the enterprise . Moreover , it requires the supervisory staff to consider the views of the [banner_entry_middle]

employees in to enable them to participate meaningfully in taking important decisions It also has in place a system of incentives that is just and unswerving This model requires that the work place should be safe and healthy Furthermore , it bestows employees with sufficient importance to enable them to discuss their work with confidence , which helps them to learn from their work experiences

Consider the role of the employee within a model workforce , within such a place what do you see

Workplaces that have a model workforce are characterized by exemplary employee involvement and concern . In such workplaces the management recognizes the fact that employee output will be optimum if they are permitted to make suggestions for improvement if their services are given importance and any business problem that arises is tackled by making all the persons in the firm contribute towards a solution

There is participative management in such work places with the result that business vision and aims are arrived at by mutual consultation between the management and the employees . Further , a high level of commitment to work is required and every employee in the firm has to exhibit mutual understanding and respect for each other ‘s interests and needs . Moreover , any differences that exist , have to be ironed out relationships based on trust have to be established , because true employee commitment is impossible in its absence

For instance , a fishing team concentrates not only on maximizing profits but also on satisfying market demands . The employees ‘ objective is to gain very high rewards and this requires very moral character , skills and commitment on the part of the individual worker . Although , in the beginning the worker ‘s aim was to get wages or a share in the fish caught , later on the worker learns from his colleagues that fishing skills and devotion to work are equally important . In this industry every worker has to depend on the other worker to assist him at times of danger

The main rights of an employee

To be entitled to the rights of employment , there should be a prevailing contractual agreement between the employer and the employee containing mutually agreed upon commitments . This contract can be either written or oral

The law relating to employment provides legal protection to the parties who have a contractual agreement in respect of employment . This protection covers the employee ‘s legitimate rights such as holiday pay sick pay , protection from unfair dismissal and redundancy , maternity… [banner_entry_footer]


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