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Ernest Hemingway The Sun Also Rises

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This discusses Ernest Hemingway ‘s novel And Sun Also Rises (1926 and takes an in-depth analysis of the development of the female character Lady Brett Ashley in trying to come up with better understanding of the character ‘s role in the novel . Hemingway ‘s And Sun Also Rises is widely regarded as Hemingway ‘s best novel . It became the overnight Bible of the postwar generation (Barrett , 724 ) The novel revolves the theme of damage done to Hemingway ‘s generation by the violence of World War I . All the main characters of the novel [banner_entry_middle]

are to certain extent scarred by war . Some of them suffer physical injuries like Jake or Count Mippipopolous and others bear the psychological trauma of lost generation (the phrase belonged to Hemingway ‘s friend Gertrude Stein and became the novel ‘s first epigraph . Among those psychologically deteriorated individuals Lady Brett Ashley is a controversial character that evokes different readers ‘ and critics reaction . This explores the path by which Lady Ashley ‘s character develops through the novel

With the first meeting with Brett Ashley her individual female sexual appeal and exceptional general attractiveness is revealed . From the beginning of the book , men find her irresistible . When Jake , as narrator , first introduces Brett , he says , Brett was damned good-looking . She wore a slipover jersey sweater and a tweed skirt , and her hair was brushed back like a boy ‘s . She started all that . She was built with curves like the hull of a racing yacht , and you missed of it with that wool jersey (Hemingway , 22 . Robert Cohn , too , is immediately captivated by Brett , and a short time later , he says She ‘s a remarkably attractive woman (Hemingway , 38 . She is a strong and independent woman and probably these are the features that attract men more than her physical beauty . Her real tool is her charisma that strikes the men around her . Every significant male character in the novel , at one time or another , comments on Brett ‘s female attractiveness . When he is introduced to Brett , Bill Gorton says Beautiful lady (Hemingway , 74 Mike Campbell says , Brett , you are a lovely piece . Don ‘t you think she ‘s beautiful (Hemingway , 79 ) These compliments are like a refrain that is reiterated through the rest of the novel

Despite the abounding attention on men ‘s side Brett rejects to become committed to a single man , at least physically . Neither the affluence of attention nor her independence makes Brett a happy woman . Having first appeared as a careless free woman Brett Ashley turns out to be an unhappy and miserable creature just the same as all those who lived through the war

Brett is often described in the literary criticism as sexually promiscuous , or even a nymphomaniac , which seems extreme given that in the course of the story she has sexual relationships with , at most three men – her fiancye , Mike Campbell Robert Cohn and Pedro Romero Some critics , like Edmund Wilson , assess Brett ‘s conduct as bitch-like Wilson interprets… [banner_entry_footer]


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