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Environmental Science

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Environmental Science

The issues associated with environmental science surface in almost every discussion in today ‘s world . People tend to discuss sustainability , population control , and stewardship in relation to most political decisions made today . An in-depth discussion of these issues is the key to the understanding of modern problems

Stewardship seems to be a perspective that offers a comprehensive solutions to all or most problems . The Stewardship Union defines it as the assumption of responsibility for the welfare of the world , and the unifying principle of the progressive causes . Applicable to [banner_entry_middle]

a broad range of issues such as human rights and healthcare , the concept of stewardship embraces the universal principles that underlie an attitude that demonstrates responsibility for humanity and its environmental issues

A person who supports the idea of stewardship will automatically reject the exuberances of a consumer lifestyle if it is believed to hurt nature in any way . This issue also means that developed nations have a larger stake in the well-being of the world than third-world countries . This is because they have accumulated so many resources that they can make real influence on the world

More controversial is the suggestion on population control . The Institute on Religion Democracy and the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion Liberty suggest in their joint that many environmentalists believe that the health of Earth ‘s environment requires drastic reductions in the human population . The measures offered for achievement of this purpose such as free abortion and family planning appear to be fraught with many dangerous consequences

Thus , all three ideas are relevant to the discussion of environmental issues . However , it is stewardship that most effectively embraces all the issues related to environmental problems . Creating an incentive for humans to pay attention to nature , it calls for the consolidation of the whole society in the fight for earth ‘s survival


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