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Environmental Science

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Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Biodiversity degradation and pollution are the two prominent problems that can be identified in a modern country like the U .S .A , which has been affected by modernization and industrialization . The attempt to achieve economic prosperity through increased production and consumption has resulted in the emergence of problems related to biodiversity and pollution that has emanated from over urbanization . These developments have contributed to the formulation of particular attitude in the modern man , contributing to species extinction and deforestation , which have affected biodiversity . In to find [banner_entry_middle]

a solution to these problems there is a need for partnership between the public and the private sector in to restore ecological balance . Transportation and industrial production mechanism in the urban centers have contributed to increased pollution . Industrial developments of 20th and 21st century have affected the lifestyle of animals , leading to their extinction Environmental activists have been complaining that large numbers of animals like wolf and other species have been lost due to senseless destruction of forests and killing of animals to satisfy the desires of the modern people

Water pollution is an important type of pollution that is found in the major cities of the U .S .A . Water pollution is likely to affect the life of the people who have settled down in the urban centers

A major environmental problem of the countries like U .S .A is species extinction . There can be three types of species extinction namely local , ecological , and biological (Sustaining Biodiversity ,

. 225 This implies that species can become extinct either in a particular place or in all the places of the world . When particular specie becomes extinct in a place , it affects the biological diversity of that region

Species extinction can result in the emergence of two kinds of species endangered species and threatened species (Sustaining Biodiversity ,

br 225 ) Endangered species are those which have almost become extinct as there are only few survivors . Threatened species refers to the large numbers of animals , which , in the future , can become extinct , if attempt is not made to prevent their destruction . The birds such as passenger pigeon , great auk , dodo , dusky seaside sparrow , and aepyornis are the various birds which have been extinct (Sustaining Biodiversity ,

. 225

It is found that mostly the animals which possess valuable items like tusks and skins get destroyed first . It is estimated that nearly one third of 21000 animal and plant species in America belong to threatened species category as it is likely that they will be destroyed in the future (Sustaining Biodiversity , 2005 ,

. 225

Biologists have estimated that 99 .9 percent of all living species have become extinct during the course of millions of years of human history (Sustaining Biodiversity , 2005 ,

. 227 ) Large numbers of animals and plants have been destroyed during the last 1000 years of human history It is not an easy task to identify the extinction process of a specie because out of nearly 5-100 million species less than 2… [banner_entry_footer]


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