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environmental science

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Environmental Science

Water supply and water pollution

a ) Two principal areas of crop production in the U .S . are the Great Plains and Southern California . Both regions are having difficulty obtaining sufficient water to grow these crops

Describe what changed in each region`s water supply and /or demand and explain why this occured

The low level of precipitation and its uneven distribution on the prairies in combination with evapotranspiration has made redistribution of the available supply of water Great Plains difficult (On the Great Plains , 2006 ) Furthermore , the changes in [banner_entry_middle]

the climate in Great Plains was a huge contributing factor on this problem

The weather changes in Southern California was also the cause of obtaining sufficient water for the area . The unpredictable climate changes from flood to drought . It has been noted that there was a six-year drought between 1987 and 1993 was followed by five years of above-normal precipitation from 1995 through 1999 . Another dry cycle occurred between 2000 and 2002 , but thanks to late-season rains the water year that ended in September 2003 had near-average precipitation (Totten , 2004 . Furthermore , the growing population of California has been additional factor contributing to this problem


Totten , Glenn (2004 ) California Issues . Retrievied on December 20 , 2006 HYPERLINK “http /www .water-ed .org /cabriefing .asp http /www .water-ed .org /cabriefing .asp

On the Great Plains (2006 ) Water Use and Quality on the Prairie Retrievied on December 20 , 2006 . HYPERLINK “http /www .iisd .org /agri /GPwater .htm ” www .iisd .org /agri /GPwater .htm

b . There is considerable debate about the removal of dams in certain areas of the U .S . what are some of the pros and cons of dam removal cite three specific examples of dams that have been removed or are under discussion for removal either in the U .S . or in other countries . what are the specific reasons for removal cited in the case of these dams (8 points

The dam removal campaign has been very successful especially when they have proved that it is most advantageous to remove these dams because (1 ) to save money , because dam maintenance requires huge amount of money (2 ) some of the dams are so old and do not serve its function at all and it just pause as danger to people living near those dam . On the other hand some of these dams can produce electricity for the local community

Reason for removing the dams

Cold Creek , California – Lake Christopher Dam was removed , which improved water quality , restored migratory and resident fish habitat eliminated a potential flood hazard , and restored a mountain meadow

Whitestone Creek , Washington – Rat Lake Dam was removed , which eliminated a severe public safety threat , provided a least cost solution to the dam owner , restored the natural shoreline habitat , and resolved a legal liability dispute

Baraboo River , Wisconsin – Waterworks Dam was removed , which dramatically improved a sport fishery , restored rare riffle habitat began the revitalization of the local community ‘s urban riverfront eliminated a public safety hazard , and saved taxpayer money… [banner_entry_footer]


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