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Enviromental concerns with overpopulation

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Environmental Concerns and Overpopulation

Right now , the planet is dry , harsh , chemically afflicted , very uneasy , reeling from distress , and soon to get worse . By creating a ruckus , though , the earth manages to clean itself , shake off some humans and decrease pollution . Will life support systems be able to cleanse and come into new balance ? Will water and soil behave ecologically or will they revert , taking whatever else they can ? The natural ecosystem is the untouched environment , unimpressed by man . Natural ecosystems are not spoiled by man ‘s greed to control . The main [banner_entry_middle]

issues of the destruction of the natural ecosystem are endangered species , the toxic waste disposal and the air and water pollution . While narrowness of vision is one root cause of planetary degradation , the other is burgeoning population . If the population explosion is not confronted , other problems will continue to explode . Developed countries have too many over-consuming people third world countries too many under-fed people and too little land to do anything about it . The environment copes with neither easily . This looks into the relationship between the environment and overpopulation and tries to find solutions to the problem

As a result of climbing populations , developed areas are suffering from disappearing forests , wild lands , and soil , severe air pollution mountains of garbage , plenty of it toxic , filthy water , vanishing fish gridlock and escalating crime . Developed countries also siphon off resources from the third world

The third world has its gridlock , too , not just from cars , but from motorcycles , bicycles , donkeys , carts and people . It also is losing forests and rivers and soil and creating desert . It suffers with air and water pollution more severe than most industrialized first world countries and from too little agricultural land to go around . Even if soils and climates were not deteriorating rapidly , it still would not be possible for most of these poor countries to nurture their uncomfortably swollen human populations . The surge in people has carried with it a surge in bacteria and diseases that prey on humans

The preservation of the environment is different from the conservation of the ecosystem . Conservation considers the notion that human management is needed to maintain the natural ecosystems (The New Conservationists n .d . The conservation movement players are the resource managers , resource scientists , hunters , fishers , wildlife lovers , and other rural and public land users . They believe in the wise use of the natural ecosystems . On the other hand , preservation believes that the natural world should best be left alone because human management , even with the aim to maintain the naturality of the environment , will damage the ecosystem (The New Conservationists n .d The players of preservation movements are the hikers , wilderness lovers and national park supporters . Meanwhile , the Society of American Foresters has embraced a new land ethic statement , which they termed as the land ethic canon . This is created to make sure that respect for the land and prudent management of the natural ecosystem can take place (ISEE 1992

The conservationists view commodity extraction… [banner_entry_footer]


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