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Many instructors urge their students not to start their sentences with the word but , or any other coordination conjunction for that matter This can be disheartening for students because we commonly speak with our sentences beginning with a conjunction . However , writing is not like speaking . There are two schools of thought on beginning a sentence with the word , but . According to Arlov , Grammatically , it is correct to start a sentence with but or any other FANBOYS conjunction However , your instructors may [banner_entry_middle]

discourage the practice for two good reasons (343 . She goes on to list the reasons . One good reason not to begin a sentence with the word but is because it is informal and casual . Academic writing is not usually casual or informal , and using but ‘ at the beginning of a sentence may make a more formal appear less than well thought out . While it is OK for some sorts of writing such as narrative or dialog , a professional is seldom written with coordination conjunctions at the beginning of sentences Also , using words like but ‘ is addictive ! It is easy to use and overuse . Arlov advises using conjunctions to begin sentences sparingly so as not to make it a hard habit to break

The other side of the issue says using but is just like using any other word to begin a sentence , and therefore , there is nothing wrong with it Reference

Arlov , Pamela . Wordsmith :A Guide to Writing . 3rd ed . Prentice Hall NJ . 2006 .

. 343

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