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English I – Process Analysis

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Texas Hold `Em Parties

Texas Hold `Em , a style of poker playing , has become very popular in the last few years . It is so popular that it is even featured as a sport on sporting channels . People play to win very big money in these types of tournaments , but some people play just to have fun and hang out with their friends for a round of friendly competition . Hold `Em as many refer to it , has become a very trendy , popular game . I enjoy [banner_entry_middle]

br playing Texas Hold `Em , but even more , I like to have poker parties (or tournaments ) at my house . Throwing Texas Hold `Em parties is one of the things I do best . In to have a successful Texas Hold `Em party , I make sure that I provide adequate accommodations , have the right attitude , and remain consistent

To make my guests feel comfortable , I make sure that I have adequate accommodations . I set up a room away from everything else going on in my house – this will vary according to what else is going on . I always have a big enough table to play on , enough chairs , and enough poker chips and deck of cards to accommodate anywhere from five to fifteen guests . Sometimes we have to have two tables , so I make sure that I can set those up quickly if this is the case . I also provide some basic snack foods and beverages because the games can go on for hours Sometimes , friends will need to sleep over because the games last so long , so I always make sure that I have somewhere for my guests to sleep and enough bedding . It is important that they feel like they can stay at my house and feel comfortable if they need to . I like to accommodate my guests . It keeps them coming back

Having the right attitude is essential to keep my parties successful time and time again . I make sure that I am not a sore loser . It is never fun to lose money , but I can ‘t always win . In contrast , when I do win , I make sure that I do not brag . Sometimes if one of my friends is really strapped for cash and I win , I give him back his ante . This is usually only five or ten dollars , but it is a gesture of kindness that one day might be returned . The game is more about my friends than winning money . Keeping that in perspective helps to keep the games fun

I have weekly games . This is a time my buddies can count on that they can get their poker fix . Many schedule their daily lives since they are involved in so many things . Since I remain consistent with my day and times for my games , it is easy to pencil me in every week or once in awhile for those more busy . Many more people can attend if they know that my games are… [banner_entry_footer]


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