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English – how do plagiarism, Art and science play a role in Leonardo Da Vinci`s drawings?

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Sluice gate hatch

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /paratoieghigliottina .asp Drop-down sluice gates

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /dragalagunare .asp ” Lagoon dredge

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /imbarcazioneapale .asp Paddle boat

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /guantopalmato .asp ” Webbed glove

Leonardo the Architect

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /citta .asp Ideal city

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /chiesapiantacentrale .asp Centrally-planned temple

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /chiesa9cupole .asp Centrally-planned temple with [banner_entry_middle]

nine radiating chapels

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /angolorocca .asp ” Corner of castle with triple defence system

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /piantacentrale .asp Centrally-planned temple with four cylindrical bell-towers

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /gemmata .asp Temple with a gemmated plan

Water and Land Machines

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /carro_automotore .asp Self-propelled car

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /rulli_attrito .asp Rollers for friction studies

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /macchina_colonne .asp Pillar-lifting machine

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /battipalo .asp Pile driver

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /trivella .asp Drilling machine

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /gru2 .asp Revolving crane

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /tenaglione .asp Screwtongs

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /macchinaviti .asp ” Machine for threading screws

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /macchinaspecchi .asp Machines for making mirrors

HYPERLINK “http /www .museoscienza .org /english /leonardo /macchinacorde .asp Machine for making ropes

Leonardo daVinci /Renaissance Man /Artist . Museum of Science . Accessed on January 28 , 2007 at HYPERLINK “http /www .mos .org /leonardo /bio .html http /www .mos .org /leonardo /bio .html

Mathematics and Art . University of Georgia /Department of Mathematics and Science Education . Accessed January 28 , 2007 at… [banner_entry_footer]


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