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English Essay, comparing The chocolate war and that was then, this is now

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English Essay , comparing The chocolate war and that was then this is now

English Essay ’93That Was Then , This is Now ’94 by S .E . Hinton (1971 ) and ’93The Chocolate War ’94 (1974 ) by Robert Cormier are boundary-shattering young-adult novels , each of which penetrates to the heart of issues with which adolescent readers can readily identify However , as groundbreaking as these novels were upon their initial publications , both of the novels conform to an established literary idiom , prevalent throughout young-adult literature for many centuries Both ’93The Chocolate [banner_entry_middle]

War ’94 and ’93That Was Then , This is Now ’94 present novels of initiation more specifically , novels of male-initiation . Aspects of the male-initiation novel include specific conditional criteria that both define and structure the concept of manhood among these criteria are issues of heterosexuality , embodiment and collectivism (Bereska , 2003

The prominence of traditional male-initiation archetypes and notions of masculinity in the novels , together with the novels ’92 unconventional narrative styles , pace , and conventions helped generate two of the more popular , controversial , and memorable titles in the 1970 ‘s YA catalog ’93Like classics or current adult fiction , some YAL includes a variety of situational archetypes such as the test /trial as a rite of passage the journey or quest of the hero , birth /death /rebirth , and the search for self ’94 (Herz Gallo , 1996 ,

. 11

In both novels , notions of manhood and sexual orientation play key roles in defining character and plot development , as well as thematic development . Bryon , the main character in ` ’91That Was Then , This is Now ’94 prides himself as a ladies ’92 man and is compared to (or confused with ) the Romantic Poet Lord Byron , who was an infamous womanizer , on different occasions during the story . ’93While not explicitly stated , it is an implicit assumption that the boys ‘ world is a heterosexual world there are no logical alternatives to heterosexuality . In books from the 1940s to the late 1990s[ .] A “normal ” male body is presumed to be both masculine in gender and heterosexual (Nelson (Bereska , 2003 ) English Essay -2-

Along with heterosexuality as a harbinger of normalcy , the male world in YA initiation novels is ’93characterized by particular types and degrees of emotional expression , naturalized aggression , male hang-out groups , hierarchies within those groups [and] competition ’94 (Bereska , 2003 . In both ’93The Chocolate War ’94 and ’93That Was Then , This is Now ’94 the world is portrayed as a male-dominated ’93war zone ’94 where a survival of the fittest mentality reigns above issues of emotionality , sensitivity , or compassion

While drugs , street-fights , and casual sex present controversial and very stark terrors in the world of ’93That Was Then , This is Now ’94in Cormier ’92s male-dominated world , the male-hierarchy is not only prevalent , its strictures are living law : ’93football is easy compared to Jerry ‘s other extracurricular activities at Trinity High placating the Vigils , the school ‘s secret society , and avoiding Brother Leon , the acting headmaster[ .] Archie… [banner_entry_footer]


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