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Roald Dahl : the Author

Roald Dahl is a British writer , who is famous for his clever short stories and macabre children ‘s books . Some of his famous works are James and the Giant Peach (1961 , The Witches – 1973 , The Gremlins – 1943 , Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Matilda , and others

His style of writing and different approach to children ‘s ‘ stories makes him loved by young readers . But Dahl ‘s taste for meanness and rudeness to adults , and the comic bizarre captivated young readers . Adult critics were disappointed with his kind of [banner_entry_middle]

writing . Some of his writings or books are made into a movie such as Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , and became a big hit in the cinema

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The story dealt with one small boy ‘s search for the ultimate prize in fierce competition with other , highly unpleasant children , many of whom come to sticky ends as a result of their greediness . It presented the central theme in Dahl ‘s fiction for young readers : virtue is rewarded vice is punished . In the end the fabulous chocolate factory is given to Charlie , the kind , impoverished boy (Dowling ,C , 1983

In this story , Dahl made use of what makes it appealing to children which are chocolates ! We know that children love chocolates , and with the story he made it more fascinating and appealing to young children by incorporating a vivid imagination which is the chocolate factory . Here the author presented what the children would have wished and wanted to experience , which is a chocolate factory . Aside from the setting and plot which are attractive to young audience , the author wanted to point out the importance of moral values , where good children are being rewarded while the bad ones are punished

He wanted to point out that good children are obedient and polite whereas bad children are the opposite . The way his parents brought him up and his environment would influence a child ‘s ‘ behavior . However , bad children must be changed through whatever means are needed Even the necessary means take the form of wild and sometimes violent punishments A moral necessary within this story is that punishments are needed in to create good out of bad . But the author would like to convey in his story , that the proper punishment is the only thing that can change a bad child into a good one

Dahl regularly utilizes strange language and ideas . Some of these absurd ideas in his story are hair-growing candy for children , square candies that look ’round , and edible pillows . However his use of absurdities entertains young readers and pushes their intellectual capacities


Matilda is an exceptionally bright young girl with an insatiable appetite for books and reading . Her parents , Mr . and Mrs . Wormwood think she ‘s just a nuisance . Matilda thinks , rightly , that all they are interested in is watching TV and making money by cheating people . She decides to punish them . She soon discovers that she has supernatural powers… [banner_entry_footer]


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