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English Compare and Contrast: Virginia Woolf and Roger Fry (Modernism)

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Tested by Life and Seduced by Death : The Views of Virginia Woolf and Roger Fry on the of Modernism

Revolutionary . The essence of the word is the fundamental underpinning of Virginia Woolf , Roger Fry and an entire generation of who continue to bare testament to the rise of Modernism in literature During the second quarter of the 20th century the world was being chopped to pieces . In the midst of the chaos and destruction Woolf and Fry took to the stage and redrew the boundaries of human existence

What unified Woolf and [banner_entry_middle]

Fry in their creative milieu was access to , and ingestion of , the sensibilities of the post industrial revolution Theirs was a world and a time when even the most enlightened visionaries of the past would be stunned to silence over . The invention of x-ray technology , spying on atomic particles , and machines that flew to carry human passengers across vast oceans were all wonders of the science and technology . The triumphant children of the twin revolutions of humanism and industrial science

Which of these parents gave what , and how much to each child remain fundamental questions to philosophers of human history and the reflective literary scholars even today . The answers that Woolf and Fry put forth as reasonable understandings were simply a matter of facts for them . In their estimation , we as human beings view our world through the senses . At the same time we manipulate our own personal realities wherein we have control not over our destiny but only over our individuality . Theirs was the discovery of a phenomenon that would change literature , and the very world in which they lived , forever . The modern world afforded a new kind of freedom

These new ideas were rampant throughout the Mid-nineteenth century . The British Empire was challenged by new paradigms of the Russian Revolution in 1907 . Then the First World War , the Second World War , and liberation movements in most of the colonial world hit it in rapid succession . The fundamental understanding of the society in which they participated tipped on its axis , and began to slide

It was this sudden buckle and break in the fabric of accepted social that best benefited Woolf and Fry ‘s ability to dig in and explore what lay beneath . The core thesis of modernist thinking is the human being as creator . The entire movement embraced new scientific knowledge technology and experimentation while rebelling against traditional thoughts . In the age of Modernism Woolf and Fry enlightened a dark hall beyond Romantics and the Social Realist to broaden the visionary power and scope of the people who bore witness to their artistic testaments

Both Woolf and Fry refused to pause at the edge of where they were taken by pen and brush . They dug deeper criticizing and questioning life in all of its senses , from constrict , to abstract . Both contemplated on the nature and understanding of the precious , heretofore-unexposed , workings of the human mind . They considered how this affected man ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]


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