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In life nothing is permanent except change . We either accept or disagree on certain events that occur but one thing is for sure , it does affect us a lot and even the environment we are in . Change can be good or bad depending on how one looks at it . The drastic change in the environment we live in often suggests our incapacity to cope with certain situations . It always looks like a test is in progress and passing it is the only chance to survive and go back to our reality ‘—–the [banner_entry_middle]

br life we have been accustomed to

The real world is the same as the regular world of Pleasantville in terms of having rules and regulations to be followed and punishments are imposed when the rules are not obeyed by the people . In one scene Big Bob was saying it seems to me that the first thing we have to do is to separate the pleasant from the things that are unpleasant ‘ Like in the real world people tend to put things in and live life in a systematic way that would provide them better living . For example , in the society , people occupy a hierarchy . This provides them to have a distinct class in society among other who falls on the same rank letting them feel they belong . Social standing is very much deemed important

Every person struggles to find their one true home , like in one scene of Jennifer parker saying we ‘re supposed to be at home David . We ‘re supposed to be in color ‘ People from the real world and the regular world of Pleasantville are trying to find their purpose and way of life Both worlds struggle in the judgment of people and trying to survive each and every trial that comes their way . David and Jennifer do not fit in the regular world of Pleasantville , attributable to the fact that they do not belong there

Even though the real world and the regular world both have rules and regulations , they are still different in terms of implementing them and the purpose of having one . In the real world the purpose of such rules is to prevent people from doing things that might hurt others but still giving them a chance to choose what they want . The punishment imposed in the real world is to let people learn the consequences of acts done . On the other hand , in the regular world , the rules are provided because it is intended to be strictly followed

This film focuses on the concept of a perfect world and how it will not work because it is not meant to be that way . Life is a choice in which we should learn to cope with its changes like in one scene , David spoke saying there is no right house . There is no right car ‘ It only means to say that people are created to find their own path and with it comes a journey full of life ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]


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