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The Troop Surge and The Iraq War

Sometimes , what matters to one person may not mean much to another person . This is not because one side is insensitive to the other , but because they are so far removed from the situation that it really does not impact them

The Iraq War is such an example . For 140 ,000 troops , the Iraq War is a very dangerous reality . For many millions of people , the War is something that does not affect them because it is over there ‘ This does not mean they are [banner_entry_middle]

insensitive . It just means that there are many people for whom the War does not directly touch , therefore , it does not mean as much to them as it does other people

For me the War in Iraq is a serious matter as I am an individual directly involved with the situation . I am an Army Medic and have performed tours of duty in Iraq . With the recent announcement of the troop surge into the Iraqi Theater , I am confronted with something that does mean something to me and affects me directly . The reason for this is obvious : the surge may result in my having to return to Iraq

So , for me , the Iraq War is something that touches me and my family on a personal level . It is not a disembodied military action that affects a national psyche or any similar media lamenting verbiage . It is a very real event and it directly impacts my life . This is neither a condemnation nor an endorsement . It is simply a direct reflection of a situation that I am involved… [banner_entry_footer]


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