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Sentence Fragments

According to Pamela Arlov , there are five kinds of fragments to beware of when writing . One kind of fragment is a Missing a subject fragment To correct this type of fragment , the writer should ask if the sentence has a complete thought . If not , add to the sentence what is missing , in this case a subject that is not in a prepositional phrase . Another type of fragment is referred to as a verbal fragment . These are also referred to sometimes as-ing [banner_entry_middle]

verb fragments , to fragments , or -ed fragments . These words appear to be verbs , but are not . To correct this type of fragment , add a verb to the sentence . Dependent clause fragments are fragments that appear to be a sentence , but begin with a dependent word such as because or however . These fragments can be corrected by attaching them to an independent clause . Prepositional phrase fragments are fragments that begin with a prepositional phrase or hold the a noun that appears to be the subject . These types of fragments can be corrected by adding them to the sentence that follows (an independent clause . The final type of fragment is the example and exception fragment . These commonly found fragments begin with words like for example ‘ and except . They are not complete thoughts rather afterthoughts of the previous sentence . They are most commonly fixed by adding them to the previous sentence


Arlov , Pamela . Wordsmith :A Guide to Writing . 3rd ed . Prentice Hall NJ . 2006

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