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, narration , and example , the tools of the writer , are similar to those tools used by a carpenter . Just like a carpenter needs a blueprint or a plan , a writer needs a plan of development , or an outline , a base from which to start . Then the building can begin . The structure begins to form as the writer follows the guide (the outline Once the foundation is in place , the walls need to be put up in the form of sentences or main ideas [banner_entry_middle]

that support the structure (the thesis . These broader s , stories , and examples will then be held firmly in place like boards with nails by specific defining details such as definitions , dialog , and specific instances (examples , either real or hypothetical . If placed in the precise location , the nails (the specific details ) will hold the essay together and make it a cohesive unit . It will continue to hold and mend all seams with the correct glue (transitional expressions , words , phrases , and sentences . A finishing gloss will make it shine (in the form of review , proofreading , and editing . Much like a carpenter can build a structure with the correct tools , a writer can build a solid essay if equipped with the correct tools : a plan of action , a thesis , sentences , examples , and specific details . Along with careful proofreading and editing , the writer can produce a quality product that he is proud of


Arlov , Pamela . Wordsmith :A Guide to Writing . 3rd ed . Prentice Hall NJ . 2006

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