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Examples in The Brutal Business of Boxing

In The Brutal Business of Boxing ‘ by John Head , the author employs all three forms of examples : extended , sentence length , and single . The entire essay is essentially one big extended example . From beginning to end , there is paragraph after paragraph describing in detail both the physical and personality characteristics of one specific boxer , Muhammad Ali . The author also uses sentence length examples in every paragraph to develop each sentence . All paragraphs are short , and they all [banner_entry_middle]

br revolve around describing a specific characteristic of Muhammad Ali However , Head does a wonderful job of using the single example to set his writing apart and to make a colorful picture for the reader . He uses this technique most often throughout the essay . Some examples of this are : brash man (par . 2 confident , articulate charismatic (par . 2 fancy footwork (par . 3 lightning quick jabs (par . 4 slow shuffle (par . 6 and the most striking sentence to me in the entire essay , The voice whose words flowed like a mighty river has been reduced to a hesitant whisper (par .6

Head uses all three types of examples in his work . Most effective and striking are the single examples . However , he was did a great job in using the extended example to write the entire piece


Head , John . The Brutal Business of Boxing ‘ Found in Wordsmith :A Guide to Writing . 3rd ed . by Pamela Arlov . Prentice Hall : NJ . 2006 .

br 589-90

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