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Successful Narrative

According to Arlov , using the six steps of a successful narrative can truly make a difference in writing . Emphasizing important details helps the reader to create a mental picture and to get a sense of what is most important to the writer . Using chronological helps to keep the narrative cohesive and understandable . Events that flow in a timely manner will keep the reader on the journey . Including dialog can also be helpful to the reader , as it is a refreshing break [banner_entry_middle]

from the text and it adds flavor ‘ or depth to the text by introducing other characters It can also help to understand other characters through dialect or content of speech . A center on conflict is what really moves the story along . It begins it and ends it . It IS the journey the reader is embarking on . By showing and not telling , the writer can help the reader to visualize what something looks like , smells like , feels like etc . Sensory detail is important in any writing so that the reader fully understands what the writer is trying to convey . Finally , making a point is essential in narrative writing . For example , if I tell about a fishing trip with my uncle , but nothing really happens , there is no point , and the reader will wonder why he wasted his time reading my story . However , if on this fishing trip , I learned a great deal about something , like myself , my uncle , fishing , or nature for example , then the reader has gone on the journey with me and may be able to relate to and enjoy my story more


Arlov , Pamela . Wordsmith :A Guide to Writing . 3rd ed . Prentice Hall NJ . 2006

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