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Europe when cross cultural relations weren ‘t even considered , let alone frowned upon . Othello is considered to be a Muslim by the Christian Venetians . Yet , he is called upon by the duke of Venice to defend them from the Turks , who are also Muslim After victory is inadvertently achieved , Othello is a hero , but he is still considered a black Muslim , in a white Christian society . A major theme that can ‘t be avoided in the play is that of racial separatism Despite all of Othello ‘s accomplishments , he is still vilified for [banner_entry_middle]

being black by the culture he has assimilated into , once it is discovered he murdered his wife . The message expressed in a story about a black man who is celebrated as a hero , changes his religion and even marries into the society , but still can ‘t achieve full acceptance is a very timeless and socially conscious message

When you take an in depth look at the attitude that is truly necessary for one to make a lone effort towards furthering the genuine full racial integration of America , it puts characters like O .J . Simpon (murder aside ) and Othello in a positive light for their rebellious loner-like natures , and their fearless inclination towards cross cultural confrontations . It also condemns all those who settle into social tribes of convenient sameness . Both Othello and Simpson are absolute anti-heroes compared to Alger ‘s Ragged Dick , whose ethnicity isn ‘t even considered . In a world defined by white and black , sociologically Othello and O .J . tread a shade of grey . Their circumstances embody the characteristics of the American Dream as it applies to black America . By being fearless toward cross cultural interaction , they create an identity separate from a solely ethnicity defined existence . This is what they all have in common , and… [banner_entry_footer]


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