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ENG101: Should it be legal to dope professsional athletes or not?

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Therefore , it makes sense to legalize the use of performance-enhancing drug since genetic engineering is probably going to make drugs seem trivial in their impact on our ideas of fairness and performance (Allison , 2004

Cons of the Use of Doping in Sports

In contrast to the benefits of using doping in sports , there also negative sides . In bicycle racing like Tour de France , for instances the use of doping may be considered as unfair practice since doping acts as supplements that prevent athletes from fatigue . In fact , such endurances-related sports like bicycle [banner_entry_middle]

racing or boxing match should be free from doping since tiredness becomes one factor that make the match is attractive . Allison says

Performance-enhancing drugs have two categories : those that enhance stamina that benefits athletes of long-range bicycle racing , marathon those that increase power that gives benefits for weightlifting and shot-putting athletes (Allison , 2004

This condition suggests that there are gaps between the needs to presents memorable performance and the genetic engineering that helps athletes to perform better . Concerning the issue , Michael Johnson , an American sprinter says sports organization makes mistake for having rules that do not work (Allison , 2004

Fortunately , there are arguments for athletes that decide to take doping for the sake of gold medal in an Olympic or other sports event even they die 5 years later because of the drug . In Why the Silence , Ryan Quinn reveals the reasons to ban the use of doping in sports as he says

the most practical argument against doping concerns the health risks .statistic [shows] the number of elite cyclists who have recently died suddenly from inexplicable heart failure [due to] the use of drugs that popular with endurance athletes to improve their endurances (Quinn , 2005 In short , the reasons behind the need to ban the use of… [banner_entry_footer]


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