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The Seven Deadly Sins of Failure in Iraq : A Retrospective Analysis of the Reconstruction

Describe the ways in which this is organized

The is organized in a very methodical manner . The author attempts to relay his arguments to the reader by presenting them point by point In this manner he highlights the gist of every point that he makes with regard to this issue by placing headings on each item and then expounding on the meaning of each of the arguments . There are four main mistakes that America has done with regard [banner_entry_middle]

to Iraq and they all fall under four general categories , namely ignorance and arrogance of the administration , the neglect and stubbornness to realize the full ramifications of the situation , the panic and haste that ensued after the fall of Iraq , and finally the denial that took place after the clear failure in Iraq . Under each of these points , the author makes a clear argument that strengthens his cause and presents figures to support his arguments

Move through the essay and make a note of where the author is summarizing , where the author is analyzing , and where the author is arguing

The author adopts a very effective argumentation style in first presenting the theory that he is proposing then providing information that is necessary to support his claims or providing stories that will support his argument and then he proceeds to analyze the data he presents and argues after that the analysis supports his theory

Find a place in this essay where you can walk the class through an example of the move from summary to analysis to argument

A perfect example would be under the heading ignorance and arrogance

It is certainly the case that Administration figures regularly played fast and loose with the paltry evidence suggesting any kind of relationship between Saddam and bin Ladin , but it is also the case that they did so because they were certain that it existed , even if there was no evidence to support it and most of the evidence available suggested the opposite

This is the point that the author is trying to make under his heading and it is supported by other instances of what the author calls hasty rationalization

However , there were also a great deal of unreasonable ideas , and unfortunately these unreasonable ideas were not only part of the justification for the war , but also became critical elements of the Administration ‘s prewar thinking about postwar reconstruction . Some in the Bush Administration had convinced themselves that Saddam was the source of all of the ills of the Middle East and that , therefore , any progress on any issue in the region first required Saddam ‘s removal This was a key piece of the neoconservative support for Laurie Mylroie ‘s bizarre claims that Saddam was responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing , as well as a number of other attacks .[ HYPERLINK “http /www .brookings .edu /views /articles /pollack .htm ” \l “FOOTNOTE_8 FOOTNOTE_8 ” 8 ] Likewise… [banner_entry_footer]


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