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Employee Privacy Rights(EPR) in the Workplace

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Employee Privacy In the Workplace

We live in a world almost solely dependent on technology Interconnectivity is the name of the game . The constant need to communicate with one another and be kept abreast of any and all activities of those around us seem to be a demanding driving force in our everyday lives . It has gotten to the point where the demarcation lines between what information can be made pubic , and what information should remain private about our daily lives and activities have been all but erased . The one thing we [banner_entry_middle]

value most as a person has now become the one thing that has been taken away from us by the technology that we hoped would give us more privacy . Privacy is now a for debates Lloyd L . Rich , in his article entitled Right to Privacy in the Workplace in the Information age (1995 ) stated that

As traffic on the “information superhighway ” continues to explode a number of substantive questions about the use and abuse of these information networks arises . One issue of primary concern is whether the current law provides adequate protection for the individual ‘s right to privacy in the workplace from threats posed by computer technology electronic eavesdropping , video and sound recording equipment , and databases filled with personal information . What are the ramifications for an employees ‘ right to privacy in the workplace ? Does an employer have the right to search an employee ‘s computer s or review the employee ‘s electronic mail “E-mail

According to a recent study by the Telework Coalition (2007 , there are four reasons that supports the need for employers to monitor the work of their employees who use Internet and email while doing their jobs . These four reasons are liability , discoverability , productivity and protection of trade secrets and intellectual property . It is a known fact that today ‘s business world is so competitive , rival companies will do anything to get ahead of the other . This is usually accomplished by purchasing trade secrets from the employees of the other company Business today is like a spy game and the secret agents are the employees . Just like in espionage , one should never allow the enemy to use their own weapons against them . The only way a company can be sure that their employees are not selling them out is by having full control over their actions . Employers have to take into account that privacy has always been part of the basic rights of a human being . Through time privacy has taken on various forms and meanings so that protecting the privacy of a person has recently become a case for courts to decide Although protected and guaranteed under the constitution , how to protect it has become a puzzlement in this day an age

Everyday , billions of people across the planet regularly use , their office telephones , email accounts , internet access and a host of other programs and platforms that make accomplishing their tasks easier . What most of the employees do not know is that… [banner_entry_footer]


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