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Ella Fitzgerald Jazz Singer

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Ella Fitzgerald Jazz Singer

Ella Fitzgerald ‘s success – both artistic as well as popular – was not only a product of her plentiful musical virtues . The gleaming purity of her voice could be mistaken for a gift from the gods , however was in fact the consequence of technical skills which she used flawlessly to improve the exquisite instrument she was born with . So too her amazingly correct intonation and unfailingly swinging sense of rhythm [banner_entry_middle]

: The apparent effortlessness of her performances was evidence to her efforts in perfecting her technique . Still , all of these talents and skills would have been wasted if not put to the service of an aesthetic ideal that by today ‘s standards appears almost quaint . Miss Fitzgerald used her talents and skills in the pursuit of beauty

Occasionally there has been debate over whether Ella Fitzgerald really was a “jazz singer ” If a style for the blues is part of the definition of “jazz singer ” then it didn ‘t fit Ella Fitzgerald , whose career has been dedicated almost completely to the great American song . In 1956 , her manager and record producer , Norman Granz , started recording with her a series of two-LP “songbook ” albums on the work of these composers and lyricists . Throughout the next twelve years , she made so many of these albums that even she wasn ‘t certain how many there were-albums dedicated to Duke Ellington , Harold Arlen , Rodgers and Hart Cole Porter , Jerome Kern , Johnny Mercer , George and Ira Gershwin , and more . All were booming , and some of them made the hit charts . They have been reissued in an ornately annotated sixteen-CD package by Verve Records (Dahl , Linda , 1984

If , on the other hand , a capability to improvise vocally is part of the definition of a “jazz singer ” then it confidently fits Ella Fitzgerald whose ability to scat sing with flawless rhythmic imagination and correct intonation at high speed was unmatched . In the songbook albums she sang the songs very straight , with negligible embellishment

It is hard to remember , in this age of talk radio , rock radio , and country-and-western radio , that what Fitzgerald did was not seen in those days as the high art it actually was . It was measured popular music , and some of her songs were very big hits

As the years went by , her singing turned out to be more seasoned and intensely skilled , passing beyond anything anyone else could do . Certain of her performances remain in memory as bright as jewels on velvet However the strange thing is that the voice itself remained everlastingly young . In her sound , she seemed like what she was when she had her first hit : a teen-ager . Also the combination , the sweet naivety of that sound coupled with the stylish and secure command of her art was astonishing , and incomparable . Certainly , numerous excellent singers have been influenced by her however she remains unique , beyond imitation . An American tribute (Balliett , Whitney… [banner_entry_footer]


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