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Effects of September 11th on Global Politics

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Running head : The Effects of September 11 on Global Politics

The Effects of September 11 on Global Politics


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Title : The Effects of September 11th on Global Politics

I . Thesis : The event of September 11 has permanently changed the outlook of governments and civil society on global politics in general Specifically , September 11 changed and re-defined National B Security ‘ and how security is strategize and implemented on a global scale

II . Introduction : Pre- 9 /11 background situation and nature of national b security vis-a-vis global security [banner_entry_middle]


Prior to the September 11 event , there have already been several incidences that have been classified as terrorists ‘ acts ‘ by civilized society and governments . This goes way back to the 1100s with the term terrorism ‘ loosely defined as a group of individuals using violence against innocent civilians to send messages to the authorities . Much later on , it was defined by the US State Department as “Premeditated , politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub national groups or clandestine agents usually intended to influence an audience . [Whitaker , Brian (2001 ) The Definition of Terrorism] . Aside from terrorism , there are other acts of violence between nations and between races ‘ in the form of genocide and all out invasion mainly due to expansionist tendencies of some governments

Acts of terrorism , genocide and invasions , secured the foundation for nations and government institutions to secure their national bs and defend its citizens from such attacks . The acts of terrorism , genocide and invasion started in the 1100s and continued on towards the 21st century . The most widespread acts of terrorism , genocide and invasion (according to the loose definition ) were during the first and second world war when Europe was embroiled into war with Germany and belatedly sank the Lusitania to involve the USA (1st world war . Meanwhile , the Second World War started with the invasion of Poland by Germany Alliances of different nations formed the Allies and the Axis powers and the whole world was turned into an expansionist ‘ free for all with the great powers of Great Britain , the USA and Germany , Russia and Japan on the other hand . The Second World War smacks of expansionist objectives of most of the predominant players of the war . Great Britain has economic interests and has boasted that the sun rises and sets with us . Meanwhile , the US have been drawn to war because of its business alliances with Great Britain and even Germany , at first trying to isolate itself from the warring nations . Germany ‘s participation and instigation of both wars are rooted in revenge , expansionist tendencies and racist ideals and desire to propagate the Aryan race . Meanwhile Japan has the same racist ideals that Germany has over its neighboring Asian countries – specifically with the Chinese people and other countries in the East Indies trade route including the Philippine Islands

Going into post World War 2 though , these expansionist tendencies may have changed names , but it ‘s only like changing collars for the same dog . Expansionism gave… [banner_entry_footer]


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