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effect of women in public administration(EX:Condoleezza Rice)

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Effect of women in public administration (EX : Condoleezza Rice

Politics – away of life

Man is a political animal . This expression , which apparently excludes the mention of a woman , is one of such `generalised ‘ statements that points to the need for everyone to be involved in politics – women included . It is however understandable that a statement of such broad intent should not provide clear details of its message . One would naturally be lenient to `criticizing ‘ the statement , considering the societal values enshrined in its origin and putting into consideration it ‘s essence [banner_entry_middle]

, the obvious omission of a `woman , may not be a `big deal , but rather it is

It is a way of life , an inevitable `procedure , of practical essence and inescapable circle . The need for article participation in politics can be put simply this way : you either influence the polity or the polity influences you . This is the basis for political movements and the reason for political decision making . Man and women alike share this political urge . And as an essential ingredient to societal sustenance political involvements are logically justifiable

Political behavior involves the study of how people involve themselves in political processes and respond to political activity . The field emphasizes the study of voting behavior , which can be affected by social pressures the effects of individual psychology , such as emotional attachments to parties or leaders and the rational self-interests of voters . The results of these studies are applied during the planning of political campaigns , and influence the design of advertisements and party platforms

The field of public policy involves the study of specific policy problems and governmental responses to them . Political scientists involved in the study of public policy attempt to devise solutions for problems of public concern . They study issues such as health care pollution , and the economy . Public policy overlaps comparative politics in the study of comparative public policy with international relations in the study of foreign policy and national security policy and with political theory in considering ethics in policy making

On the Beijing declaration

This declaration reaffirms its commitment to the equal rights and inherent human dignity of women and men and other purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations , to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments , in particular the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Convention on the Rights of the Child , as well as the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women and the Declaration on the Right to Development and also ensure the full implementation of the human rights of women and of the girl child as an inalienable , integral and indivisible part of all human rights and fundamental freedoms amongst others

It declaration conviction is that Women ‘s empowerment and their full participation on the basis of equality in all spheres of society including participation in the decision-making process and access to power , are fundamental for the achievement of equality , development and peace… [banner_entry_footer]


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