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effect of september 11st on usa

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Effects of September 11 on the United States


The September 11 , 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon , for most Americans , were similar in effect to having a massive attack from outer space . Almost entirely ignorant of global politics devoid of any understanding of the Islamic world , educated primarily with fractured and propagandistic stories from CNN , American society became a victim of a paranoid and hysterical reaction . Regular American citizen became a hostage in the hands of opportunistic politicians and powerful special interests that benefit by militarism [banner_entry_middle]

. From social and political viewpoints , the consequences of September 1999 atrocities left deep wounds in the hearts of Americans not only because of the terrorist assault itself and thousands of victims , but also because the whole country was involved in a dangerous , obscure and never-ending geopolitical game called war ‘ This aims to discuss some of the most acute political consequences of the September 11 attacks , which had ultimate impact on America ‘s nearest future

The immediate consequence of the September 11 attack was for Congress to pass , by a virtually unanimous vote , and with no substantive debate , an act granting President George W . Bush the power to engage in global war against enemies he is free to define with little accountability to Congress . At the same time Congress authorized a sharp increase in military , intelligence , and national security spending . Within a few weeks the United States began its aerial bombings of Afghanistan . In his public statements President Bush was emphatic that the United States was engaged in a global war on terrorism , and that those nations and peoples who did not support the US effort would be regarded as sympathetic to the enemy and dealt with accordingly . Insofar as this was a war without bs , that logic would apply domestically as well as abroad Moreover , this was to be a war with no end in sight , for as long as terrorists lurked the prospect of another deadly attack loomed , and our forces needed to be on guard . Pre-emptive strikes were justified and necessary as were necessary Guantanamo and other conspiracies . The initial name the US government gave for the war , Operation Infinite Justice , captured the world-historical nature of the conflict . In short America was in the early stages of World War III

Central to this process were the news media and the media system more broadly . Moments like these are the moments of truth ‘ so to speak for establishing the commitment to democracy of a nation ‘s media system The decision to enter war , not to mention world war , is arguably the most important any society can make . Tens of thousands , perhaps millions , even tens of millions , of lives will be lost , and those that survive will be vastly less happy than they would have been otherwise The political-economic cost of war is very high as well . Standards of living must be cut , government non-military services reduced , and civil liberties curtailed . In a free society , such a decision… [banner_entry_footer]


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