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Education Reform

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Efforts geared towards educational reforms in the US have mainly been initiated in form of programs and plans whose main goal is to achieve changes in the education system which will see education standards in the U .S raise above current levels . There has been of late a concern about the quality of education in the US and especially in regard to secondary and primary education . The outcry has particularly been spurred by the high cost of [banner_entry_middle]

education in the US compared to other developed countries like France and Canada . In this discussion , US education reforms have been catalyzed by amongst other factors , the craving for an education system which is fare and responsive to the needs of every community including the racial minority communities reforms geared at addressing economic issues , social- cultural issues introduction of charter schools and voucher schools , more parent involvement encouraging high teaching standards , and efforts aimed at ending the teacher tenure systems

Education reforms in the US date back to the 1950 ‘s when such reforms were motivated by civil rights advocates calling for reforms touching on affirmative action and racial matters (Nathan , 1998 . In the 1980 ‘s and 1990 ‘s educational reforms were triggered by cultural identity calls and later in 2000 ‘s by outcome based education (Nathan , 1998

As Nathan (1998 ) notes , majority of educational reforms in the US are generally aimed at solving social problems and improving the negative perception of the current education system . In deed today , just like in the past , education reforms are aimed at achieving the following

Achievable realistic and clear educational goals

Improving educational standards generally perceived to be below par compared to other developing countries

To align the needs of the learners to the curriculum

To enable more students to access education

To align educational programs with the political reformations

To address challenges of the social economic nature

One example of a most recent reform in education is the No child left behind act of 2002 (NCCB . The NCCB law is aimed at making sure that by end of 2014 every American child shall posses ‘ good accounting skills Implementation of Education reforms have seen the rise of students achievement as well as a drastic reduction in the performance gap between children of different racial backgrounds such as the gap between Africa-Americans and white children , as well as the gap between Hispanic and white children

The `no child left behind Act ‘ aims at ensuring more returns for all investment costs made in education . The NCCB was designed to address the needs of the marginalized groups such as children with special needs children form rural areas in the US , as well as children from the inner cities . In yet another effort by the US government to reform the education sector , the idea of more charter school is being embraced . The charter schools are seen by many educationists and politicians alike as a way of creating an enabling school… [banner_entry_footer]


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