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Education elementary school teacher

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Education Elementary School Teacher

Teachers have an important role in the society of transferring knowledge to our students . Like any other profession , they do experience challenge in their teaching profession which unless they are addressed they will continue being frustrated in their work . They do experience a feeling of empowerment and powerless when performing their duties of teaching

However , they feel empowered in their professional and this makes them to feel motivated in their work and hence they deliver their services with comfort . For one , teachers are usually consulted when a [banner_entry_middle]

curriculum is being drafted that they feel they have role to play in education They guide the curriculum developers with valuable knowledge on the areas that are crucial to be included in the curriculum . For this case they feel that they do not only have teaching role but also a role of knowing what is to be taught

A powerless feeling experience by the teachers in their line of duty is in the case where a classroom being constructed . Teachers are the one who uses these classrooms on daily basis when teaching their students yet they are not consulted when designing one . The teachers feel that a class ought to be designed in a specific way depending on the lesson that is being taught

The physical environment of the classroom too frustrates teachers as they have to change the classroom setting every time they are starting a lesson . This so because this affects their teaching styles and they have to change it to suit the way they want it to look like . For this case the teacher is involved with the preparation of the environment where learning is to take place so that they can achieve their teaching objectives . This kind of extra work given to teachers makes them feel frustrated in their work as it is time consuming , something that would have been avoided in the first place . The only individuals consulted by architect are head teacher and may be liaison person appointed by the school but not the specific teacher who will be using the classroom

Another feeling of powerless is felt by teachers that bring about frustration in their teaching career . At times they want to discipline their pupils and since they are not allowed to punish them , a feeling of frustration is experienced . If the students are not punished on the spot after doing something long , they will never be corrected . For this case this may bring about deviant behaviors developing in child . Teachers should be permitted to discipline their pupil just like the way parents do punish their children when they do something wrong at home . Teachers feel that their teaching objective might not be achieved due to this and a feeling of frustration is experienced in their profession

The authority concerned should ensure that teachers ‘ needs are taken care of to eliminate a feeling of frustration and this would in turn motivate them in their work . A country ‘s economic growth depends on… [banner_entry_footer]


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