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This final article takes into account the ways in which many of the reports we have been looking at partially answer the question of practical classroom assessment , yet fail to meet the inquiry . The author defines three functions of the assessment in the classroom . These are the functions of instruction from teacher to pupil classroom management by the instructor and the organizational mandates and assessment of the functionality and learning

The discussion of classroom assessment study theory is broken into categories and sub headings of the individual student differences as witnessed in [banner_entry_middle]

educational psychology , specifically learning , cognition and motivation theories , the study of groups learning seen in social learning theory , and sociology studies , and the final examination of measurements for validity and reliability in theory , formative and summative assessment theory . By considering the ways in which all of these varied disciplines and approaches interact with one another , as well as how they have been treated in the last two decades of literature and analysis of classroom assessment , the author hopes to come to an understanding of strengths and weaknesses

It is addressed that while several of the key reports have emphasized one practical function or theoretical tradition over the others available , other literature has found that a blended approach to the classroom assessment theory is more valuable and better suited to the overall application of an efficient system . It is argued that Overlapping theoretical traditions are opportunities both for richness of understanding and for tensions and conflicts ‘ Ultimately the ideal of a cross discipline approach to the construct of both education and the assessment of the educational affects in classrooms is supported… [banner_entry_footer]


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