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Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe

are like any other type of artist their lives are reflected in their work . Edgar Allan Poe is called the master of the macabre because of the constant perusal of the dark and sad depths of life that he wrote about . He seemed to see life from such a sad and miserable point of view that it could not help but be mirrored in his writings . In comparison to the ease and convenience of today , life in the early 19th century in the United States was a terrific ordeal any [banner_entry_middle]

way but for some it was worse than others , and a prime example was Edgar Allan Poe

Going back to his very beginnings , it is easy to tell where his talent came from . His father , David Poe Jr , was the disappointing son of Revolutionary War Hero . General David Poe Sr . was famed for his dedication to his country and his expertise at war , but his eldest son was a dreamer . David Poe eventually ran away from what he considered a suffocating atmosphere in his father ‘s house , and joined a troupe of actors to pursue his own chosen following , the art of theatre . However David Poe did not excel at acting but was for the most part considered mediocre sincere but mechanical and thus not able to place the proper passion into his work . Perhaps it came from having his natural creativity stymied while growing up or maybe because he was given no formal training in theatre , so his acting failed to draw much public acclaim

Edgar ‘s mother , Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins , was the daughter of a fairly renowned actress of the time . Mrs . Arnold had raised her daughter in the theatre and the young woman seemed to be a natural . Her reviews read well and though not as strong a personality as her mother , she did have a fire and passion . She met David Poe while in performance together and after a brief courtship after having been recently widowed , Elizabeth Hopkins became Elizabeth Poe

What follows in the first five years of Edgar Allan Poe ‘s life is a stamp of a life that he was to fall in and out of in intermitted succession over the course of his life , poverty , uncertainty and destitution . He was the second of three children born to the Poes . His father dropped somewhere off into obscurity shortly after the third child , Rosalie ‘s birth and finally died of consumption in 1810 but the mother continued on until she finally succumbed to a fatal disease and died . Her life was summed in the following quote

The tinsel crown , the gauze , the flash of the paste jewels , the robes and the red shoes , went into the chest of faded things . Harlequin must seek a new Columbine before the footlights should flare up again and there , left over from the comedy , were three children , the eldest five years old , all helpless and in want (Woodberry 16

Elizabeth had taken refuge during… [banner_entry_footer]


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