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East Asian Stuff br

China is one of the most progressive economies in the world and growing at a very fast pace in recent years . Its economic growth is tremendous and inviting all the intellectuals of the world to study the reasons for Chinese dramatic economic spur , it ‘s positive and negative reasons combine with impacts on these changes on Chinese East Asian Neighbors Western Countries and rest of the World . This is also an attempt [banner_entry_middle]

to find out the answers of the above mentioned questions using a thorough , critical and analytical approach to study present , past and future of China



China is an economy of over 1 /5 of emerged as a great economic and political power in recent years . This drastic change has occurred after the revolutionary teachings of Moa Ze Tang and ideology of socialism that changed the overall picture of Chinese economy , politics , social and democratic structures institutions and all aspects of Chinese personal and professional lives specifically . China is completely transformed from the fumes of marijuana and other drugs into an organized , planned and cultured and one of the greatest nations of present time on the map of the world


Current economic situation of China is an example of planned and organized efforts to change the destiny of a nation . The economic boast of china is due to its cheap , skilled and literate and excessive labor and directed efforts towards development of value added industry . These efforts make China the most attractive choice of investors from all over the world to invest in Chinese economy

China started its Open up Policy ‘ in 1978 that is followed by 9 growth rate on an average in following years till 2003 . Statistic shows that within just 57 years china ‘s foreign reserves are second after Japan , 6th Highest Gross Domestic Product and 4th highest Foreign Trade Volume in the world . These growth patterns shows steady confidence of investors in Chinese economy and shifting of heavy investment from Western countries and organizations from Korea , Japan , Taiwan and Malaysia to China

In past most famous and industry sectors were manufacturing , automobiles and electrical industries M A , service centers , head quarters and research and development projects


The Chinese economy is having 9 .5 growth and 13 .65 Trillion Yuan in 2005 Foreign Trade of China in 2005 was 37 .5 increase

Export of Foreign industries increases by 58 and governmental organization by just 11 .8 in 2006

Consumption growth rate increases from 9 to 13 .3 in 2006



The main objective of Chinese economy was to establish a socialist economy with Chinese characteristics ‘ Chinese economy is a mixture of market economy and government control socialist approach . In short words one can claim that Chinese economic system earn through market mechanism of Marxism and distribute that income equally following Socialist and Mao philosophy… [banner_entry_footer]


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