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Early Renaissance in Florence and High Renaissance in Rome

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Early Renaissance in Florence and High Renaissance in Rome

The Early Renaissance was founded in Florence , Italy in the 15th century . It probably flousrished in

Florence because of its location , being that it is in the center of Italy . This period was called Renaissance

because it means “rebirth ” There was a revival of interest in the classical art , targeted especially towards the

ideas of Ancient Greece and Rome . Artists during the period of they Early Renaissance tried to depict the

human figure with elements like proportion , gestures and expressions and [banner_entry_middle]

realistic objects and clothing as

well . They also used other techniques like modeling , which gives volume to rounder elements , and perspective

These artists also tried to establish new methods to portray three dimensionality , giving forms a more real and

life like quality . They did so by observing humans and animals so that they could gain a better understanding of


Artists of the Easty Renaissance tried to create consistent forms with the relevance to the world along

with what people experienced on a daily basis . The content of paintings changed as they progressed into Early

Renaissance . The subject of art was used based on Roman history and and from myths , as it slowly pointed and

leaned more towards religion . Even though artists had the vast freedom of developing and exploring of using

new materials and techniques to apply to their works , many times they were only encouraged to create works

with relevance to the Bible with the flexibility to choose their own sucject matter . Some of the main

characteristics of the art period of the Early Renaissance include harmony , proportion , realistic gestures and

expressions , rational posture , light , and color

Although the Italian Renaissance first bloomed and blossomed in the city of Florence , it soon spread to

the city and capital of Italy , Rome . Rome was always known for its high living and its fine arts . By the

beginning of the 1500s , there seemed to be a rapid growth of artistic creations that period of art and in history known to be as the High Renaissance , saw the bang of creative geniuses and their

masterful and talented use of techniques and ideas that were first used in Florence . Many Europeans were drawn

to this city , where the church offered enormous opportunities that could help artists achieve and become well

known by a larger public . Due to the fact that the church had so much control and say over the Italian population

and because of their contribution to art , many of the themes in art embodied religious themes

At this particular time , painting especially reached its highest point of technicality with magnificent

artistic imagination and incredible heroic composition . Renaissance encompassed many Classical elements that

extracted the details and showed the world as it really was theless , the artworks of the High Renaissance

explored and seeked for a more broad and unified architectural outlook and pictorial represententation . There

was an explosion of dramatic force in art forms that took in strong energy and… [banner_entry_footer]


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