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E-commerce data sharing

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E-commerce Data Sharing


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Government as well as business which are the two powerful factors influencing technological progress of the internet are considered to be tied up with each other in their quest for increased databases containing detailed information regarding the people who visit the various websites . Reanalysis of our intelligence-attaining infrastructure is considered to be already under progress , providing accessibility for the government to increased data , and business tends to attain huge quantities of transactional information with regard to aid in marketing [banner_entry_middle]

(Nesson Marino Kent , 2006

The supporters of data-sharing state that the various technologies of data-sharing in several ways indicate the extent of the Internet ‘s capacity to reduce the barriers that prevent the smooth and free transfer of information as well as the improvement in relation to business efficacies . Supporters of the CPExchange standard state that rich forms of data attained from customers , like that of information relating to home address , income as well as shopping tastes would generate improved forms of customer service . As it is at present company executives have a really tough hard time with regard to assisting customers since information relating to who the customers are and what they actually shop is generally being stored in several computer systems (Jacobus , 2000 ) A group of senior managers at significant e-commerce corporations have created a consortium in to share the data which are being gathered as a result of the visits to their various websites . They are of the opinion that consumers who have already provided information about them are willing to provide information regarding themselves against benefits like informed forms of recommendations with regard to new types of purchases , and as such data-sharing is already in existence for `club ‘ cards available from supermarkets , `Air Miles , as well as credit information . They provide opt-out services as well as their policies will be provided in full on all their websites

While the efforts towards streamlining of e-commerce might seem to look innocent , we can witness the real zeal with which the various businesses try to pursue our personal confidential information as well as their ready effort to sell out these confidential information ‘s for the sake of their own profit . According to Richard Smith , chief technical officer at a nonprofit research namely `center at the Privacy Foundation ‘ this would merely grease the skids for the various firms in to provide information regarding the visitors of its websites (Jacobus , 2000 ) Over the last 4 years there has been a significant increase in the amount of surveys performed in to identify and also understand the attitude of the people in relation to privacy . The surveys tend to show an increasing level of importance in relation to individual privacy on the net . Surveys have been able to document that the privacy with regard to confidential personal information is of significant concern to those who are on the net and those people who have decided not to be online Surveys have also… [banner_entry_footer]


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