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Customer Service Experience Analysis

www .Ebay .com and www .OldNavy .com

My experiences with Ebay .com and OldNavy .com were memorable due to their distinct structures in handling consumer issues . I would say both e-commerce sites practiced well-functioning operations that give customers an opportunity to get information regarding products . Both stores have an outstanding reputation for customer service experience For instance , www .Ebay .com has an open-market touch where merchants place advertisements freely across the site . Buyers have an opportunity to choose between the advertisements to choose the best option for [banner_entry_middle]

their budgets . The auctioning of goods creates a competitive environment between (1 ) the buyers and (2 ) sellers of the same products . Unlike www .OldNavy .com , this structure can have 1 ,000s of items available for bidding

Ebay ‘s function makes the sellers a monopoly within their market (items /products ) so it stretches the customer service experience . At any time , I could receive an inconsiderate seller in which the products are not as promised and a dispute will arise for a complete refund . This places me in a bind if I am scammed into buying an outdated or manipulative item I can no use

The competition is fierce and the products are as diverse as the suppliers – there is plenty of room for error in Ebay ‘s marketplace . Old Navy has a structured , functional customer service terms and conditions available for all consumers . My s have arrived on time , every time If I encountered issues , I could call a customer service center to speak with a representative regarding my . I will not be able to say which company practiced the best customer service because my needs and expectations were different in each case . Furthermore , these e-commerce sites have good reputations for providing an exceptional experience to each consumer . Ebay is the most diverse and unexpected for anyone who decides to buy products

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