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Drug Abuse Resistance Education D.A.R.E.

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D .A .R .E , which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a police-delivered drug prevention program that is used in a large number of schools in the United States . This program was initially set up to target fifth and sixth grade students but has subsequently been modified to include students at the middle and high school levels (Wysong Wright , 1995

The D .A .R .E . program follows a prescribed curriculum and is delivered in the schools by uniformed [banner_entry_middle]

police officers . Officers first have to go through 80 hours of training (Wysong Wright , 1995 . They are then provided with standardized scripts to follow during these sessions and deviation is discouraged (Noble , 1997 . The program is intended to last for a time and , depending on the institution , this time is slotted into 17 sessions of 45 to 60 minute duration . Because of time-table and other constraints , however , some schools have had to modify the program (Noble , 1997

Different delivery strategies are used including question and answer group discussions and role-playing activities (Noble , 1997 Wysong Wright , 1995 . Besides classroom instructions there are Wysong Wright (1995 ) cite the use of selected high school students as DARE `Role Models . informal officer /student contacts , teacher orientation parental education and community presentations (p . 285 . Upon completion of the program the participating students receive a certificate at a graduation exercise (Noble , 1997

Origin and Rationale for Policy

The condition under which the D .A .R .E . program developed in the United States , and subsequently gained considerable popularity , can be understood in the context of the proliferation in the use of illicit drugs during the 1980s . With the increased use of crack cocaine and its association with increases in violent crimes in large cities , officials began to realize that strict drug control was necessary . What Des Jarlais et al (2006 ) refer to as the crack epidemic ‘ caused the intensification of the war on drugs /zero tolerance approach to illicit drug use (p . 1354

Additional interest in this issue was generated by then President Reagan in 1986 following his `War on Drugs ‘ address to the nation . Subsequent to this the `Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 ‘ was passed . Following this a National Drug Control Strategy was established which sought to develop programs to help in reducing demand for drugs . Drug education programs were therefore essential and funding was made available (Wysong Wright , 1995 ,

. 298

In 1983 , then Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates along with a health education specialist , Ruth Rich , from the Los Angeles Unified School District , developed the D .A .R .E . program . The program therefore began as a school-based drug prevention program collaboratively created by law-enforcement and education personnel (Des Jarlais , 2006 Wysong Wright , 1995

The program was initially piloted in 8 ,000 elementary schools in Los Angeles in 1983-1984 . In 1986 and 1988 the program was extended to middle and high schools . It has now expanded and is considered the largest drug education program… [banner_entry_footer]


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