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Drowning epidemic with toddlers in the United States

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p Drowning Epidemic

Toddlers in USA

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Toddler drownings are on the rise due to many diverse reasons , some of which are not as

obvious as others . Swimming pool drownings are usually what first comes to mind when people

think about toddlers and water accidents . This is only one of the ways that makes water

hazardous in this age group . For the purposes of this we shall define that age between the

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and 36 , the age between one and three years old . We will explore the most

common ways that toddlers experience accidental drownings and the ways in which these

drownings may be prevented Swimming Pool Drownings

This is , of course , the most commonly thought of place where drowning accidents of any

age occur . A significant number of toddlers do drown in swimming pools According to Ruth A

Benner and the Committee in Pediatrics , they state that children between 1 and 4 years of age

were most likely to drown in swimming pools (58 of drownings among 1 to 2 year olds and

51 among 3-4 year olds ‘ There were no statistics for the age group of 1 through 3 specifically

The most common reasons for the drownings in this group are lack of parental supervision Even though the parents may be around , the lack of attention to detail has been a major cause in

the rise of these accidents . Many times the toddlers are not at the pool so parents are under false

assumptions that their children are safe . There are some cases , for instance , where toddlers who

were thought to have been sleeping entered the pool area without knowledge of the parents or

sitters that may have been in their charge Prevention of Swimming Pool Drownings

For prevention of swimming pool drownings the most obvious tactic would be the use of

a security fence with locks and latches that are not accessible to toddlers . What has happened

in the cases , however , where there were fences and the children were thought to be sleeping

Sometimes the house , itself , forms one of the walls of access to the pool and by exiting the door

to the house it puts you in the swimming area . For this kind of design it is imperative that alarms

are installed and always remain activated so that the alarm will sound should anyone enter the

pool area without deactivating the alarm by code . This is only an added protection

however . Since it only takes minutes for a child to drown , this remains only a partial precaution

because if the alarm sounds and the caretaker is not in distance for timely rescue , it may already

be too late to have prevented , if not a fatality , then at least loss of oxygen to the brain , resulting

in permanent learning and behavioral problems . Doors from the house that access swimming

areas should also have locks that are not accessible to toddlers

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