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Dred Scott Decision

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The Dred Scott Decision and Civil War

The passion arousing Dred Scott Decision was one of the many arguments that resulted in the Civil War . Dred Scott was a black slave who fought long and hard for his freedom . Although he remained a slave right until the moment of his death , the man ‘s efforts to free himself from enforced slavery eventually led to the freedom of all slaves in America (Fehrenbacher

The man had spent many years of his life with his slave owner who moved from state to state in America [banner_entry_middle]

. When his master , John Emerson moved to Illinois – a state free of slavery – Dred Scott went along Emerson also took his slave with him to the free state of Wisconsin before moving back to Missouri (Kaufman

At the time of Emerson ‘s death , Dred Scott asked his master ‘s widow for his freedom . The slave ‘s request was turned down . In response Dred Scott decided to sue the Emerson family for his freedom in 1846 The man claimed that he was a free citizen of the United States , now that he had spent years of his life in free territory as well (Kaufman

Dred Scott v . Sandford , 60 U .S (19 How ) 393 had to go through many rounds of battle in the court of law . Eventually , the Dred Scott Decision was made by the United States Supreme Court in 1857 . In this opinion of the Supreme Court , written by Chief Justice Roger Taney , it was ruled that the people of African descent , regardless of slavery could never be the citizens of the United States . Furthermore , the Court ruled that the Congress had no authority whatsoever to prohibit slavery in the federal territories , seeing that the advocates involved in the case had a focus on the question of whether the Congress could outlaw slavery in the territories (Finkelman


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The Dred Scott Decision added fuel to the fire already lit by the differences in opinion on the question of slavery . Republican newss of the time explained that the Dred Scott Decision was a fraud . Additionally , they emphasized that the judges in the Dred Scott case were prejudiced . The opposition to slavery in the North was strengthened at this time . The Democratic Party was also divided on sectional lines . Moreover , the Dred Scott Decision encouraged the secessionist elements among Southern supporters of slavery to start making even bolder demands (Fehrenbacher

The Republican Party was strengthened by what was known as the folly of the Supreme Court . Abraham Lincoln and others came forward at this time to charge that members of the Supreme Court were working a plot to force slavery on the whole nation (Fehrenbacher

The Dred Scott Decision had raised strong emotions well into the Civil War . In fact , this Decision helped bring on the war by hardening the positions of both the opponents and proponents of slavery . Both of these parties were willing to fight at this time… [banner_entry_footer]


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